Travelling to North Bay along Highway 124 last week, I noticed that as I approached Highway 11, fall colours were almost in full bloom.

Living in Parry Sound, I noticed the change in and around town wasn’t quite yet as dramatic.

So I decided to take a drive Thursday to see how much closer to town the fall changeover had progressed.

I followed my route along HWY 124 and was pleasantly surprised to find those colours were just on Parry Sound’s doorstep.

Oct 4-2018_Autumn_HWY 124_MagnetawanSM
Photo: Tom Mangos Highway 124 East outside of Magnetawan

This Thanksgiving, you don’t have to spend the entire day driving to capture the beauty of the autumn colours.

Just a little time on area highways and back roads will do the trick.

Oct 4-2018_Autumn_HWY124_11ZM