The Ontario Provincial Police is making its position clear regarding its officers’ use of drugs and alcohol in light of legalized marijuana.

In a statement released on Monday, OPP Commissioner Vince Hawkes says the police force maintains its policy that officers must report to work fit for duty.

He adds “The health and well-being of all our members enables the OPP to continuously provide effective support to our communities”.

Police agencies across Canada are struggling with policy changes to accommodate marijuana use by their members, in some cases defining the number of days an officer must not use before reporting for duty.

The OPP’s position is that reporting fit for duty “…requires a member be without limitations resulting from, but not limited to, all drugs (including cannabis, over-the-counter and prescription medication) and/or alcohol”.

A review process remains in place if an officer requires special accommodation requests and needs in accordance with the Ontario Public Service’s Disability Accommodation Policy and the Ontario Human Rights Code.