As marijuana use becomes legal in Canada, it’s not yet certain if the private sale of the drug will be permitted in Parry Sound.

That decision will be up to the newly elected town council once it’s sworn in.

The Ontario government has a provision in its Cannabis Licence Act that allows municipal councils to opt-out of privately sold marijuana in their cities and towns.

The province has set a January 22nd, 2019 deadline for that decision to be made.

All municipalities will be receiving a minimum first payment of $5,000 on a per-household basis to help cover the implementation costs of legalizing recreational marijuana. A second payment will be made after the January 22nd deadline.

Municipalities that have not opted-out, allowing private sales, will receive additional funding on a per-household basis to cover the initial costs of setting up store-fronts. Those that opt-out will only receive an additional $5,000.

Mayoral candidates Dave Williams and Chris O’Gram stated at the mayoral debate that they have not made a decision yet on whether they support private sales of marijuana in Parry Sound.

Mayor Jamie McGarvey says he’s in support of it, citing access to additional funding if the town goes that route.

He added there wasn’t much time to think about it with the January 22nd deadline looming.