The Parry Sound region has one of the highest densities of black bear populations in Ontario.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry has a guide that provides useful information to help you prevent encounters with these animals as they prepare to hibernate.

Simple steps such as putting the garbage out the morning of pick-up instead the night before and not filling your bird feeders until the winter are just two of the many ways to stop bears from intruding.

While attacks by black bears are extremely rare, avoiding bears all together is the best way of staying safe.

When out in bear country, the MNRF recommends travelling in groups of 2 or more (bears primarily attack people who are alone).

Make noise as you move through areas where visibility is restricted or where background noise is high, such as near streams and waterfalls (singing, whistling or talking will alert bears to your presence, giving them a chance to avoid you).
While outdoors, keep your eyes and ears open, scan your surroundings to check for bears and do not wear music headphones.

For more information on dealing with bears in the region visit the Bear Wise website.

Photo: MNRF