Two requests by the Parry Sound Senior’s Club are now being looked at by the Town of Parry Sound staff.

Senior’s Club board member Allen Smith in his deputation, presented three items for Town Council to consider at its meeting last Tuesday, October 16th.

Citing numerous improvements made to the seniors’ centre including a new roof, a switch from oil to gas heating, LED lighting, and $40,000 in operating expenses, Smith requested that council increases its funding for the club.

The club is currently receiving a $3,500 annual grant from the town, something Smith says has remained unchanged in the last 10 years.

In addition to increased funding, Smith asked council to consider putting ‘Seniors Crossing’ signs along James St. between Mary and Rosetta Streets to improve safety for the club’s members.

As a third item, Smith said the club would also be in favour of four-hour free parking along James St., also between Mary and Rosetta Streets, up from the current two-hour limit.

Council voted in favour of directing staff to report back on the funding and sign issues.