After weeks of campaigning, the unofficial results of Parry Sound’s municipal election are in.

Jamie McGarvey has been re-elected as Mayor of Parry Sound with a resounding victory over challengers Dave Williams and Chris O’Gram.

IMG_0429 (2)
Photo: Tom Mangos

McGarvey won with a tally of 1788 votes, followed by Williams with 413 and O’Gram in third with 225.

In the race for Council, the winners are:

  • Bonnie Keith (1516)
  • Paul Borneman (1453)
  • Roger Burden (1095)
  • Doug McCann (1070)
  • Vanessa Backman (1035)
  • Brad Horne (1022)

The remainder of the council slate finished in the following order: Mike Barker (921), George Ashford (705), Lee-Ann Turner (616), Brian Fisher (572), Ab Fuller (560), Jamie Chapman (505), Mark Aman (388), Daniel Predie Jr. (275).

For the English Public School Board, John Cochrane is currently leading with 2106 votes over Howard Wesley’s 1764 votes with results from Zone 4 yet to come in at the time of this writing.

For the French Separate School Board, Claire Thibideau leads over Ryan Malenfant with the only (1) vote recorded as results from Barrie are still pending.

As well, fluoridation of Parry Sound’s drinking water was rejected by residents by a vote 1506 against versus 882 votes in favour of fluoridation.

Parry Sound is one of the only municipalities in the region to have election results on time.

Most of the Muskoka and Georgian Bay municipalities have been plagued by online voting issues forcing the extension of voting deadlines into Tuesday and Wednesday.