If you’re 65 years of age and older, you have an extra degree of protection this year against the flu.

The province is now providing Fluzone High-Dose to seniors in addition to the standard dose of the vaccine.

Public Health Nurse with the Vaccine Preventable Diseases Program at the North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit Elizabeth Mete says the higher dose is the best option for seniors.


Mete adds the side effects are no different with the increased dosage.


The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care recommends that you get your vaccination as soon as possible as it takes up to two weeks for the vaccine to take effect.

For those who are between five and 64 years of age, you can get your flu shot at your local pharmacy, at your doctor’s or nurse practitioner’s office, or at the Health Unit.

For children six months to four years old and seniors 65 and older, you must visit your doctor or nurse practitioner or the Health Unit for you or your child to be vaccinated.

In Parry Sound, you can call 705-746-5801 or toll-free 1-800-563-2808 ext. 3215 to book an appointment.

For all the information you’ll need about influenza and the vaccine, visit the NBPSDHU website.