Now that all those leaves have fallen to the ground, clearing them will do more than just tidy things up.

It could also help prevent a fire.

That also applies to any leaves and debris that might also on your roof and in your gutters.

Fire Smart Canada wants to remind you that during this time of year, things like dry leaves, twigs, and branches can be lit by something as simple as sparks from a fire pit, barbeque or even heat from a chimney.

Cleaning the mess that autumn has left behind is only one of the many things you can do year round to help prevent a fire from starting around your home.

To give you head start, Fire Smart Canada has created the FireSmart Begins at Home Manual to help guide you through some of the steps you can take year-round to make your home safer.

FireSmart Canada is a project of Partners in Protection (PiP), a non-profit association made up of members representing national, provincial and municipal associations, government departments responsible for emergency services and forest and parks management, as well as private business and industry.

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Photo: Partners in Protection