Parry Sound Town Council continues to grapple with the issue of eliminating train whistles at level crossings.

At its last meeting on October 16th, council directed staff to secure the services of CIMA+ engineering to assess Parry Sound’s five level crossings “for the purpose of train whistle cessation as required by Transport Canada, the Railway Safety Act, Grade Crossings Regulations and Grade Crossings” and to bring that report back to council once the assessment is complete.

Train Crossing_Church St_Blk Truck [Best]
Photo: Tom Mangos
As part of the assessment, CIMA+ will consider:

  • Signs and Road Markings
  • Grade Crossing Warning Systems
  • ‘Prepare to Stop at Railway Crossing’ Signage
  • Site Operation, Road User Interactions, and Positive Guidance
  • Environmental Factors

However, a concern raised by Councillor Paul Borneman sheds light on the tricky issue of the town’s liability when silencing those whistles.

More specifically, if stopping those warnings for drivers and pedestrians, in light of previous accidents, would impact the cost of the town’s liability insurance and if the town would even be covered if it went ahead with the plan.

From Borneman’s point of view, there would no point going forward if it put a liability risk on the town.

For council, the balancing act continues until it receives the completed report.