The Town of Parry Sound is conducting a survey of residents regarding the private sale of marijuana.

Under current rules in Ontario, recreational cannabis can only be bought legally from the provincial government’s website.

That will change as of April 1st, 2019 when the province will allow private retail sales of marijuana under the close oversight of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission.

It will up to Parry Sound’s new town council to decide if it will allow these stores to open locally in the New Year.

The Ontario government has a provision in its Cannabis Licence Act that allows municipal councils to opt-out of privately sold marijuana in their cities and towns.

The province has set a January 22nd, 2019 deadline for that decision to be made.

Municipalities that have not opted-out, allowing private sales, will receive additional funding on a per-household basis to cover the initial costs of setting up store-fronts.

The Town of Parry Sound is requesting comments on whether to permit or prohibit Cannabis Retail Stores within the Town’s municipal boundary.

Comments or questions can be sent to Taylor Elgie, or by mail to:

Town of Parry Sound
Cannabis Retail Comments
52 Seguin Street
Parry Sound, ON P2A 1B4

The town is asking to please submit your comments by December 7, 2018.