Workers at Ontario Power Generation are poised to go on strike as negotiations between the company and the Power Workers Union have broken down.

Minister of Energy, Northern Development and Mines Greg Bickford and Minister of Labour Laurie Scott announced rejection of OPG’s latest contract offer by the PWU on Thursday.

OPG generates over half of the electricity in Ontario.

It is unclear how this work stoppage would affect the Parry Sound region which is serviced by both Hydro One and Lakeland Power.

A Hydro One representative says the effects of a shortfall created by a strike would be determined by the Independent Electricity System Operators, the agency responsible for distributing electricity from Ontario’s power grid.

Lakeland Power CEO Chris Litschko says his company gets some of its power from local water generation owned by OPG.

He also adds that IESO controls the transaction of power throughout the province and that Lakeland will be keeping a close eye on possible OPG strike developments while in the meantime hoping the two sides are able to settle for the benefit of all.

RadioWorkz Parry Sound is still waiting for a response from the IESO and will update readers as more information is provided.

As well, the CBC is reporting the Ford government is prepared to use back-to-work legislation in the event of a strike.