The results are now in from the Parry Sound Nature Club’s Christmas Bird Count.

On Saturday, birders went into the bush and watched home bird feeders to track various species of birds for the 26th anniversary of the Bird Count in Parry Sound.

The event coincides with the Audubon Society’s Christmas Bird Count that began in 1900.

Organizer Steph Romaniuk says that while the number of birders participating was down by 20 percent, both the number of individual birds and species counted was up by 20 percent.

Romaniuk noted that while The Sound was wide open and the rivers were open, there weren’t as many waterfowl as would be expected.

In total, the Bird Count recorded 1428 individual birds and 34 species.

A number of species reached high counts since Romaniuk began submitting Count Summary Reports online in 2014.

Notables included bald eagles with a count of 35 compared to 27 last year, Wild Turkeys with 34, and White-Breasted Nuthatches with a high count of 58.

Romaniuk also says there was a lot of Barred Owl activity before and after the count.

For the full Count Summary Report,  visit the Parry Sound Nature Club Facebook page.