Former Parry Sound mayoral candidate Chris O’Gram will not be pleading his case in Parry Sound court on Monday.

A Superior Court official says O’Gram’s name was removed from the docket after the former candidate failed to confirm with the court his assigned court date and time.

O’Gram had been scheduled to appear at 10:00 am on Monday, January 7th, 2019.

The official also said the O’Gram must re-file in order to appear before a Superior Court judge.

O’Gram had personally served Town of Parry Sound Clerk Jackie Boggs with court papers challenging the results of the recent municipal election.

O’Gram wanted the paper ballot back because he wasn’t able to review the results of the town’s Intelivote electronic voting system because they were no longer available.

O’Gram came third in the race for mayor with 225 votes. Runner-up Dave Williams captured 413 votes with Mayor Jamie McGarvey claiming victory with 1788 votes.