The Town of Parry Sound is about to receive $56,314 from the Ontario government’s gas tax program.

Minister of Transportation Jeff Yurek announced in Toronto on Tuesday the province is helping 107 municipalities across the province expand or improve their public transit systems with Ontario’s gas tax program.

“We are investing in public transit to make it a more convenient travel option and to attract more riders,” said Yurek. “More public transit will cut through gridlock and get people moving.”

Problem is, Parry Sound doesn’t have a transit system.

Parry Sound’s Director of Public Works Peter Brown says the funding must go towards a transit-related project.

As a result, it will up to Parry Sound Town Council to determine where the money is directed.

One option being floated is replacing one of the buses at the Belvedere Home for the Aged.

The grant, however, begs the question, “Why doesn’t Parry Sound have any public transportation?”.

Whether it be a small cube style bus or something larger, is it something council should consider in light of a revitalized Parry Sound Mall and the real prospect of a pool-wellness complex?

With the 2019 budget discussions about to begin, again, that may be something for Parry Sound Town Council to consider, if it comes up at all.