Near North District School Board chair Jay Aspin says he has a very positive feeling about the year ahead.

Describing the newly elected board, Aspin says, “My sense is that citizens in our catchment area have elected a talented board who are motivated to roll up their sleeves and waste no time in working with administration to work towards earning the trust of our system and public at large”.

Six days after the board’s inauguration, the NNDSB conducted a special board meeting to immediately sort out its priorities as well as undertake a plan to get itself back on track.

Aspin says, “During that Special Meeting, our board formulated four action committees to accomplish our immediate objectives of improving board culture in terms of better transparency, accountability and open communications, developing a contemporary Governance Model and Multi-Year Plan and furthering preparations for the Parry Sound Build”.

Aspin adds that it’s a good start to get the board back on a solid track for future development.

He says trustees are diligently working with staff to get the job done to create the best environment and educational options keeping students as their first consideration.

In the future, Aspin says the board will be looking for public input to get perspective on the changes it has already initiated as well as future plans it needs to further consider.