Mark St. Amant is back in jail after attending court in Parry Sound Thursday morning.

St. Amant is charged with 2nd-degree murder in the August death of Amanda McClaskin.

He is also charged with indignity to a dead body and two counts of breaching his probation.

It was the second time St. Amant was in court to face his charges. Other times he has appeared via video feed from jail.

During the brief proceedings, Assistant Crown attorney Wesley Beatty and Defence Counsel Riali Johannesson established key court dates leading to St. Amant’s preliminary hearing.

A Supreme Court of Canada decision known as the Jordan ruling mandates that in a serious crime such as 2nd-degree murder, the defendant must be tried within 30 months of being charged.

On February 12th, a judicial pre-trial will be conducted by telephone between both the Crown and defence attorneys and will be overseen by Regional Senior Justice Patrick James Boucher. The pre-trial is described by Johannesson as a case management procedure, establishing parameters for the preliminary hearing.

The weeks of July 8th and July 15th have been set aside in Ontario’s Superior Court of Justice in Parry Sound for St. Amant’s preliminary hearing. At that hearing, the Crown will lay out its case against the defendant providing the defence with full discovery of the evidence against St. Amant. At the hearing’s conclusion, the judge will determine if there is enough evidence for the case to go to trial.

At Thursday’s proceedings, Johannesson told the court that she has yet to receive the post-mortem from Sudbury pathologist Dr. Danielson, an essential piece of evidence for the defence. The pathology report provides an opinion to the victim’s cause of death, which has yet to be revealed.

The report is expected in the next few weeks.

When asked about a possible publication ban, Johannesson says to date, she’s not anticipating requesting any publication ban on current proceedings.

Johannesson also confirmed her client will request to be tried before a judge and jury.

St. Amant’s next court date is June 6th at noon in Parry Sound’s Ontario Court of Justice for a confirmation hearing for his upcoming preliminary hearing.