It started with two manufacturers ready to demonstrate what each of their vehicles can do in a search and rescue situation.

‘Day of Rescue: Amphibious Vehicles Joint Demonstration and Trials’ Friday at the Stockey Centre has now grown to involve eight participants and has evolved into what might be characterized as a mini trade show.

More importantly, the show, hosted by the Town of Parry Sound and Interconn Development demonstrates the changing attitude towards the Parry Sound region, bringing jobs and investment to the area.

Both Interconn, whose brand ATASD produces hovercraft and SHERP, maker of the world’s most powerful ATV, plan on setting up manufacturing facilities in the Parry Sound region.

SHERP Canada is currently assembling its product in Manitoba.

The company will be shifting its operations to the Parry Sound region as a full manufacturing facility creating an estimated 20 full-time jobs.

Plans include building its plant from the ground up on a location within the region.

Interconn Development already has a proposed site just outside of Parry Sound and its operations will bring an estimated five to seven full-time jobs.

Economic Development Officer for the Town of Parry Sound Vladimir Shehovtsov says it’s the shifting perception of the Parry Sound area that will bring more jobs and investment to the region.

“What we are showing is that Parry Sound is not only a resort and vacation destination, but an ideal location for business and manufacturing”.

He adds, “Because of Parry Sound’s Northern Ontario location and status, businesses can qualify for incentives from all levels of government”.

As part of his strategy to promote Parry Sound as a manufacturing and business hub, Shehovtsov will continue to showcase Parry Sound, targeting small to medium-sized business in the GTA.

Friday’s event at the Stockey Centre will be an opportunity for participants to network with officials from both the provincial and municipal governments to explore opportunities in Parry Sound.

Day of Rescue: Amphibious Vehicles Joint Demonstration and Trials will bring ATV’s, hovercraft, and an airboat to the waters of Georgian Bay for a show of what these vehicles can do under extreme conditions in a search and rescue operation.

It all happens on Friday, February 8th between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm at the Stockey Centre in Parry Sound.