Incoming correspondence addressed to the Mayor and Parry Sound Town Council is showing increasing opposition to a splash pad at Waubuno Beach.

The Rotary Sound Splash Pad committee is proposing that it’s splash pad be located at the beach, however, there is an increasing call to put it elsewhere.

The most recent correspondence was sent by Chantelle and Alexander Distler and was included in the February 5th Parry Sound Town Council agenda package.

In their letter, the Distlers write they do not only vigorously object to the splash pad at Waubuno Beach, they object to building a separate splash pad altogether.

They feel the splash pad is a short-sighted solution to the needs of the community, providing a number of reasons for their opinion.

Among the many reasons they give as to why they are opposed to a splash pad, the Distlers say the community needs long term vision when planning for new facilities and services.

They feel Parry Sound has too many separate facilities supported by a limited tax base adding, “the concept of an age-friendly community, where the health and participation of residents aged 5 to 50 are considered, requires long-term strategic planning”.

“Splash pads rightly exist in cities without accessible beaches and clean water in which to swim. Waubuno Beach is a natural splash pad”.

At its meeting on Tuesday, December 18th, 2018, Council heard from Julia Mader speaking on behalf of “Keep Waubuno Green”.

In her deputation, Mader said her group wants to make it clear that they were not opposed to the people who have formed the Sound Splash Pad but their message was about the location and how it will affect the entire population of the area.

Mader spoke on behalf of the 194 people in the town she said vigorously object to locating the splash pad in their park and signed the “Keep Waubuno Green” petition which reads:

“We, the undersigned request the mayor and council of Parry Sound to preserve the natural beauty of the park at Waubuno Beach.

We are opposed to the plan to establish a splash pad on the grassy area of the park.

This area is used by families, groups and community gatherings.

Please locate the proposed splash pad in a different location and keep Waubuno green”.

The Town of Parry Sound turned down a January 16th, 2019 request by Rotary Sound Splash Pad Committee co-chairs Chris McDonald and Erin Cardy asking town staff to submit a Canadian Tire Accessibility Grant in the sum $400,000 because the town’s 2019 budget has yet to be approved.

The Rotary Sound Splash Pad committee hopes to be included in those budget discussions and approved for funding.