They’ve been outlawed for years but studded winter tires are making a return to Northern Ontario.

While at Kal Tire in North Bay on Friday, Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Transportation Kinga Surma and Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli announced Ontario is changing a regulation that prevented some new models of studded tires from coming to market.

The new regulation will allow for tires with more, lighter studs that perform better in icy conditions, to be sold in Ontario.

The tires must meet an industry-standard test to ensure they don’t cause excessive damage to the pavement.

“This is great news for drivers and businesses across Northern Ontario,” said Fedeli.

“We’re opening the door for the latest models of tires to be sold while continuing to protect the roads in our communities.”

The province points out studded tires are only permitted for vehicles registered in Northern Ontario.

The tires areĀ not allowed in Southern Ontario unless they’re on a car driven by someone visiting from out-of-province for less than 30 days or who is a resident of Northern Ontario.