UPDATE Tuesday, February 12th 4:00 pm: The post has been deleted from the councillor’s Facebook page.

OPINION – Tom Mangos, Founder RadioWorkz Parry Sound

A quick scan of Facebook reveals a post shared by Parry Sound Town Councillor Roger Burden’s Facebook page that some might interpret as abusive and sexist.

The shared post is dated February 11, 2019 and appears on the Roger Burden for Parry Sound Town Council page.

This reporter understands that everyone has the right to freedom of expression, but as an elected official, Burden has to be mindful of the feelings and views of his constituents.

In this day and age of heightened awareness of the physical and sexual abuse of women, this post has no business on Facebook let alone shared on a local councillor’s page.

Burden has every right to post and share anything he feels is appropriate, however, understanding the ramifications of such a post is equally important.

Whether the shared post is the result of a hack is unknown but it is the responsibility of the councillor to monitor and maintain this Facebook page or take it down.

The Parry Sound community should not be subjected to this kind of hate and vulgarity.

The councillor at the time of this post has not responded to a message on Facebook.

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