A confirmation hearing is next on the docket for Mark St. Amant.

Assistant Crown Attorney Wesley Beatty and Counsel for the Defence Riali Johannesson conducted a judicial pre-trial for St. Amant Tuesday morning by telephone.

The pre-trial proceeding was overseen by Regional Senior Justice Patrick James Boucher in the three-person conference call.

St. Amant of Britt-Byng Inlet is charged with the August 2018 murder of Amanda McClaskin, also of Britt-Byng Inlet.

He is also facing charges of indignity to a dead body and two counts of breaching his probation.

Defence attorney Riali Johannesson, in an interview Tuesday after the pre-trial, said the proceeding was brief and that she has received full disclosure of evidence to date from the Crown.

The evidence includes the post-mortem by Sudbury pathologist Dr. Brett Danielson.

The pathology report includes what Dr. Danielson believes to be the cause of death.

Details of the judicial pre-trial can’t be released because of a publication ban of all the evidence in the case.

All evidence related to the 2nd-degree murder case won’t be made public until the actual trial, in the event there is one.

For the McClaskin family, the whole ordeal has been a nightmare.

Michele McCombe, mother of Amanda McClaskin expressed her grief after St. Amant’s appearance in Parry Sound court on January 17th.

“Losing a child is hard, and to have that loss in such an ugly way has left me a life sentence of pain and heartache… and what about Amanda’s children, they don’t have a mother now”.

McCombe also expressed the strength of the McClaskin family.

“We are a very large close family, and together we will stand strong for Amanda and against domestic violence and abuse”.

Next for Mark St. Amant is a confirmation hearing at noon on June 6th by video feed in the Ontario Court of Justice in Parry Sound.

At that proceeding, the Crown will confirm to the court that it is ready to proceed with the preliminary hearing scheduled for the weeks of July 8th and July 15th in Ontario’s Superior Court of Justice in Parry Sound.

Counsel for the defence will present its Statement of Issue regarding its direction for the upcoming hearing.

Johannesson says her client will ask that the case be tried before a judge and jury and that St. Amant won’t be pleading guilty.

The preliminary hearing will determine if there is enough evidence for the case to go to trial.

A call for a request for comment was not returned by Assistant Crown Attorney Wesley Beatty.