Parry Sound Airport’s industrial park in Seguin Township is expanding with the help of funding from the provincial government.

Clayton Harris, PS Roger Burden, Norm Miller, Ingrid Muller,Paul Borneman, Gail Finnson, Vladimir Shehovtsov, CMadej
L to R: Parry Sound CAO Clayton Harris, Parry Sound Councillor Roger Burden, MPP Norm Miller, Parry Sound Area Municipal Airport Commission Chair Ingrid Muller, Parry Sound Councillor Paul Borneman, Seguin Councillor Gail Finnson, Parry Sound EDO Vladimir Shehovtsov, Seguin CAO Chris Madej. Photo: Tom Mangos

Elected officials and staff from both Parry Sound and Seguin were on hand at the Parry Sound Area Municipal Airport as Parry Sound-Muskoka MPP Norm Miller announced the province will be investing $495,000 through its Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation to support Phase Eight of the airport’s business park expansion project.

Miller made the announcement after being invited to the podium by Parry Sound Area Municipal Airport Commission Chair, Ingrid Muller.

The expansion involves site preparation and the extension of hydro, water, and septic services.

Miller says “With this investment, we’re helping create more jobs in the Parry Sound area and signaling that Northern Ontario and every corner of our province is open for business”.


Ingrid Muller spoke on behalf of Seguin Mayor Ann McDiarmond who was unable to attend the event saying, “We thank the province for helping us expand our airport’s industrial park to welcome new business and create jobs in our region”.

In a statement, the Parry Sound-Muskoka MPP says Ontario has contributed more than $2.2 million towards the Parry Sound Airport’s business park expansion project, which has helped attract new private sector investments to the community.

This is the full announcement by Norm Miller at the airport: