Towns like Parry Sound could be getting up 6.7 tonnes of the GTA’s garbage annually and the community won’t be able to say a thing about it.

That’s message Ted Comiskey, Mayor of Ingersoll and Chair of  ‘Demand the Right’ coalition for municipalities brought to Parry Sound Town Council at its meeting last Tuesday.

In his deputation before Council, the mayor stated the biggest producers of Ontario’s garbage are the industrial, commercial, and institutional sectors, waste that is managed by mostly by private companies.

He said in Toronto, only 15 percent of garbage is diverted, leaving 6.7 million tonnes going to landfill and that landfill space is running out.

The mayor continued, saying that private waste companies are now identifying and targeting small Ontario municipalities as sites for new landfills.

He reported that at present if a company or group of companies want to select a site as a landfill, there is no process that includes the municipalities.

There is no requirement for municipal approval or approval by the affected community.

Comiskey says municipalities must be given a right to approve a site that is designated for use as a future landfill

He urged Council pass the ‘Demand the Right’ motion giving Parry Sound more say in the approval process.

At the time of Council’s meeting, 73 municipalities in Ontario had passed the motion.

Councilllor Bonnie Keith recommended the item be on Council’s next agenda for discussion.

For more information, visit the ‘Demand the Right’ website.