A rezoning application in Seguin Township is drawing the concern of Parry Sound Town Council.

The property in question is located on 18 Oastler Park Drive extending south from the town’s boundary to an adjacent motel property.

18 Oastler Park Dr. Land-for-Development_West ParrySound Geography NetworkCollage

Owners of the property are requesting and Seguin staff are recommending that zoning for a 5.8 hectares portion of the property with 330 metres of frontage on Oastler Park Drive be changed from Shoreline Residential Four (SR4) Zone to Highway Commercial Three (C3) Zone which allows for uses such as autos, outlet retail, call centres, technology and innovation, and other low water consumption uses.

Concerns from Town of Parry Sound staff stem from the fact the C3 zoning allows for many more uses than specified in the rezoning application and that those uses could have a negative impact on Parry Sound’s economy.

To add to the concern, the applicants have not expressed how they intend to use the property and Seguin staff is also not aware of their intent.

As a result, Parry Sound Town Council passed a resolution at its meeting on February 19th that requests Seguin Township place certain conditions on the rezoning application in order to gain support from local Council.

Those terms include that the property be rezoned to a site-specific zoning category that restricts the uses permitted, including the opening of outlet stores such as beer and liquor stores, banks, or boutique retail that might be better suited in Parry Sound or would negatively impact the vitality and viability of the Parry Sound Downtown, and that innovative technology type uses don’t compete with those at the Seguin Airport Industrial Park.

As well, that the Zoning By-Law Amendment specifically notes that water and sewage services will not be provided by the town unless the property becomes part of the Town of Parry Sound.

Staff says this is to ensure the natural environment is protected and that any potential developer does not have any expectations about the extension of Parry Sound municipal services.

Addressing the concern that this resolution might not carry much weight, Parry Sound Manager of Building and Planning Services Taylor Elgie assured Council that the resolution bears significant weight because the rezoning notice was circulated in the Town of Parry Sound as a Planning Act regulation ensuring the Town’s ability to appeal any decision by Seguin Town Council.

As yet, no date has been set by Seguin Council to deal with Parry Sound’s resolution.