Now that repairs and scheduled maintenance are complete, the 102-year-old CP Trestle Bridge can now continue to dazzle not only because of the structure itself but what crosses it.

CP Trestle_Oct 1-2018 RWPS_SLD
Photo: Tom Mangos


Laurentide Park Car3_Via The Canadian July 28-2018SLD
Via Rail’s “The Canadian” Photo: Tom Mangos

Whether it’s wind turbine components destined for the Henvey Inlet First Nation Wind Farm or VIA Rail’s world famous, “The Canadian”, Parry Sound tourists and residents alike will continue to enjoy Parry Sound’s landmark feat of engineering as the temperatures begin to climb and train spotting gets a little more comfortable.

Wind Farm Blade 1SLD
Photo: Tom Mangos
CP Holiday TrainYT_Nov 30-2018LD
CP Holiday Train 2018 Photo: Tom Mangos

Let’s hope the Trestle Bridge enjoys another 102 years of putting on a great show.