West Parry OPP has released results from its annual Distracted Driving Campaign during the March break.

Between Monday, March 11th and Sunday, March 17th, police charged seven drivers with distracted driving offences.

New distracted driving penalties and fines enacted this year have resulted in fines of up to $1000, 3-demerit points and a 3-day suspension for a first conviction and up to a $3000 fine, 6-demerit points, and a 30-day suspension for three or more convictions.

Novice drivers in the graduated licencing system can face even longer licence suspensions.

The province defines Distracted Driving as an activity which takes a driver’s attention away from driving.

The law makes it illegal for drivers to talk, text, dial or email using a hand-held phone, or other hand-held communications and entertainment device.

If you’re driving, police advise to keep your cellphone out of sight and pull over to a safe place to use it.

The OPP reminds you to drive responsibly.