At its meeting Tuesday night, Parry Sound Town Council took firm action to reduce unnecessary environmental waste and take a cleaner approach in doing business.

Council approved a resolution that will see the town undertake a review/audit this year of the town’s facilities to identify areas where the use of municipal water is further optimized and bottled water reduced or eliminated completely wherever possible.

The resolution also calls for a policy to be developed to promote the use of municipal drinking water in the town and urges the surrounding municipalities in the Parry Sound area to do the same.

With the resolution’s approval, Council recognizes that single-use plastics are significant items of unnecessary waste that damage the environment and that Canada will not reach its targets to reduce greenhouse emissions by 2030.

The Town of Parry Sound will forward this resolution to the City of Quinte West who passed the original resolution, The Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) and other similar organizations across the country, the Prime Minister, all Premiers, and the leaders of all Federal and Provincial parties urging them to do the same.