If you live in Parry Sound and are thinking of buying bottled water, you might want to think again.

A surprise inspection of the town’s water system in January by the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks has given the town a perfect score for the quality and delivery of Parry Sound’s water.

Addressed at Council Tuesday by night Town CAO Clayton Harris, the report wasn’t just focussed on the drinking water, but also the quality of the town’s raw water, the pipes that deliver the water as well as the various facilities that process the water.

These include the Parry Sound Water Treatment Plant, the water towers, and North Church Street Booster Station.

As well, the CAO thanked Manager of Water Systems Kyle Hall and Director of Public Works Peter Brown for their work in achieving these results.

The evaluation looked for contaminants and examined various filters and applications used at the treatment plant.

Also included in the report were the town’s water capacity and flow rate.