Prospects of a splash pad at Waubuno Beach have greatly diminished now that Parry Sound Town Council has rejected a funding request for the project.

Council opted out of the project at Tuesday night’s special budget meeting. 

The Rotary Sound Splash Pad Committee had asked that $110,000 be included in the 2019 capital budget.

With the approval of that capital cost, the town would have also incurred an annual operating cost of almost $37,000.

When addressing the request, Mayor Jamie McGarvey first said he supported a splash pad but then came up with a number of reasons why this splash pad at Waubuno Beach should not move forward.

The Mayor first began by highlighting the impact the splash pad would have on the town’s water supply.

With a proposed pool-equipped wellness centre being considered, the Mayor said splash pad would fracture the water supply, especially considering the splash pad would not have any water recycling capabilities whereas the wellness centre would.

The Mayor went on to say operating the splash pad would cost between one-third to one-half a percent of the town’s budget, money that could be put towards the wellness centre.

Citing a survey commissioned by the splash pad committee, the Mayor said more people from outside the municipality are in support of the splash pad than Parry Sound residents themselves.

What all of Council agreed on was the loud opposition by area residents to the splash pad’s location at Waubuno Beach, a designated Blue Flag beach.