UPDATE Tuesday, Apr 16th, 9:00 pm: Parry Sound Town Council at it’s meeting Tuesday night passed a resolution to adopt the Guiding Principles for Sidewalk Patios and endorse a one-year pilot project allowing for a maximum of four Side Walk Patios in the downtown and that all applicable fees be waived for the project.

Parry Sund Town Council will vote Tuesday night at its regular meeting whether to support a plan that will allow outdoor sidewalk patios in the downtown core.

The vote will determine if Council adopts the Guiding Principles for Sidewalk Patios and endorse a one-year pilot project that will allow for up to four sidewalk patios and waive any fees associated with the Guiding Principles.

The plan is a direct result of a collaboration between the town and the Parry Sound DBA to develop a framework for pop-up, seasonal sidewalk patios.

On March 20th, 2019, the DBA adopted its own Outdoor Sidewalk Patio Policy providing general guidelines and standards for outdoor sidewalk patios in Parry Sound.

Some of these guidelines include allowing the patios to be located on the sidewalk area of public property adjacent to the place of business and only where the sidewalk is wide enough to accommodate the outdoor patio.

In its policy statement, the DBA says, “Outdoor street patios help to promote vibrant streets that attract patrons and visitors to Downtown Parry Sound and provide memorable downtown experiences”.

In her report before Council in March, Parry Sound Downtown Beautification Committee Chair Brenda Ryan said that the Country Gourmet on James Street had already expressed an interest in opening a sidewalk patio.