Parry Sound Town Council, as part of its approval of the 2019 Budget, agreed to Silver level sponsorship for the Rotary Club’s 1st Annual 3-Pitch “Strikes Against Cancer” tournament.

The tournament hopes to raise $70,000 in support of cancer care at the West Parry Sound Health Centre and the Rotary Club’s local community efforts it supports.

The request for sponsorship was made by Rotary Club President David Brunton and President-elect  Linda West during their deputation before Council, April 2nd.

The Rotary Club of Parry Sound takes over the RACH Foundation’s 3-Pitch Tournament which, after 15-years of fundraising for cancer care and research, handed the reins to the Rotary Club.

As well, 2019 will see the end of the Club’s Dragon Boat Festival.

Some of the funds raised by the 3-Pitch will go towards the purchase of the Leica CV5030 fully automated glass coverslipper.

The coverslipper produces slides (like ones that would be examined under a microscope) of cell samples with superior optical quality allowing the Health Centre to keep samples of lesions for 30 years.

Because of the unique sealing of the biological samples, medical technicians will never have to make physical contact with the samples or their associated chemicals.

During its special budget meeting earlier this month, Council was provided with an alternative to the cash sponsorship worth $1,750.

Council to instead voted to provide services in kind, similar to what it provided for the Dragon Boat Festival and the former RACH tournament.

The next 3-Pitch event takes place on June 14th and 15th at Kinsmen Park.

For all the information you’ll need about sponsorships and future events, visit the Rotary Club’s “Strikes Against Cancer” website.