It’s now up to Parry Sound Town Council to decide on a zoning bylaw change being requested for a proposed hotel development on Pine Drive.

Pine Drive_Site Plan_Apr 23-2019LDrwps

On Tuesday, April 16th, Parry Sound Town Council held a public meeting in addition to their regular meeting to address the proposed zoning bylaw amendment for the project.

The developer V G Cox Ltd. is asking for relief from the C3 zone to increase the maximum permissible height from 10.5 metres to 15.1 metres, and reduce the parking space size from 3 metres by 6 metres to 5.75 metres by 2.75 metres for its proposed hotel.

John Jackson, appearing before Council on behalf of the developer, said the vacant, cleared lot on Pine Drive had already changed hands from Parry Sound Fuels to the developer.

Jackson described the proposed project as a more upscale three to four storey Best Western Plus hotel with between 75 and 100 units and that an assessment by the proponents was done “to show that the Town actually is short in terms of its hotel accommodation and they’re confident that it will be a very successful venture”.

Opposition for the project came in the form of a letter from Gerald Asa representing the box retail behind the project.

His concerns included block visibility of their stores, traffic flow during construction, and stormwater flows.

Jackson in response to the opposing letter from Asa said because the hotel would be tucked behind the Parry Sound Fuels building, visibility of the Wal-Mart would not be blocked out.

At the end of the meeting, Parry Sound Mayor Jamie McGarvey advised that the public should contact staff of check the Town’s website to see when this amendment would come back for a decision.

The Mayor added Council at its discretion may approve the zoning bylaw amendment and if so, must either circulate notice of the passing of the bylaw or give notice in the local press.

Objections to the passing of the bylaw received by the Clerk within 20 days of the decision will be forwarded to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal.

For a copy of the minutes of the Public Meeting, visit the Town of Parry Sound website.