As the cottage season approaches, the Ontario Provincial Police are advising drivers to be very cautious of roadside drivers claiming to be out of gas.

Police say the scammers approach people on or near the Highway 401 corridor and claim they are out of fuel and are trying to get home to their family.

The OPP says the scam preys on the generous nature of citizens who wish nothing more than to help and in some cases, the fraudsters offer jewelry as collateral in exchange for gas money.

Unsuspecting victims could be stuck with worthless costume jewelry.

Police say they’ve known about the scheme occurring near major highways across the province for some time.

Northumberland OPP east of Toronto has investigated over 50 separate incidents of people claiming to be out of fuel and asking for gas money.

Scammers seem to move the fraud into different areas in search of new uninformed victims.

If you come across someone who is out of fuel and asking for help on a major highway, the OPP urges you to contact them at 1-888-310-1122.

If the person is legitimately out of fuel, police can make sure they are escorted safely off the highway.