Wheels are in motion between the Town of Parry Sound and Seguin Township to move the Parry Sound District EMS base in Seguin to a newer and bigger home.

Parry Sound Town Council gave the go-ahead at its last meeting on April 16th directing staff  “to pursue in a cooperative fashion with Seguin Township, an agreement that will change the location of the EMS base from the Foley Hall #2 to the Humphrey Fire Hall.

Foley Fire Hall #2_Seguin Apr 24-2019LD
Photo: Tom Mangos

The smaller Foley Firehall #2 is located at the south end of Horseshoe Lake Road and Lake Joseph Road by the 213 Exit of Highway 400 while the Humprey Fire Hall is located on Highway 141.

For Parry Sound Director of Development & Protective Services and Fire Chief Dave Thompson, the move is an “excellent initiative from an EMS standpoint”.

The Fire Chief cited a number of issues affecting Foley Firehall #2 including sub-standard housing for EMS personnel stationed out of that facility, sub-standard washrooms, drainage facilities, apparatus at the fire hall, and a number of other sub-standard issues.

Thompson added that a “great deal of funds would have to be extended to bring that particular station up to a suitable standard where we can maintain and continue to maintain to have paramedics in it”.

The plan calls for the relocation of public users in the Humphrey Fire Station to the Humphrey Community Centre creating space to house EMS personnel.

In their report to Council, Parry Sound staff says Seguin staff are willing to attempt to get the nod from Seguin Council to finance the no more than $50,000 cost of construction and then bill back these costs to the EMS as rent.

The Parry Sound staff report states that this move provides significant savings for the EMS as the rent becomes an operating expense covered by a 50/50 cost sharing with the Ministry of Health.

No dates have been announced for projected start and completion times for the move.