The Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation District 4 Near North is pointing blame at Minister of Finance Vic Fedeli as lay-off notices are being handed out to secondary school teachers including those in the Parry Sound District.

In a post on Twitter Wednesday, the teachers union says the 114 notices that were given by the Near North District School Board to its member teachers have caused devastation to the face of education.

You have caused devastation to the face of education as the gave official, that means REAL , layoff notices to 114 teachers today. Programs fade, courses disappear. Students have fewer options, schools will struggle to stay open. –

In response to a request by RadioWorkz Parry Sound, the NNDSB says, “The Near North District School Board has begun to receive information regarding the Grants for Student Needs (GSN) for 2019-2020 through the issuance of various memos and Board Projections as developed and from the Ministry of Education and anticipates and awaits further detailed information, including the release of the Ministry of Education’s 2019-2020 Education Technical Paper, which is critical, in order to develop the annual budget for the 2019-2020 school year with precision that would be applicable to the Near North District School Board”.

The Board says that only until the 2019-2020 Education Technical Paper is released and access to the necessary forms is granted to School Boards, will the Near North District School Board know with certainty its entire financial situation.

The NNDSB says the current notifications to staff have been provided in accordance with the process and procedures contained in their collective agreements and established communication protocol.

The Board says it remains committed to high-quality programming opportunities for the students of the district.