The Ontario government has activated its Disaster Recovery Assistance program for the Almagiun Highlands communities of Ryerson, Amour, and Burk’s Falls.

These areas were the hardest hit during recent flooding including the Hamlet of Katrine, in the Township of Amour.

The province says several dozen primary homes and small businesses in Armour, Ryerson, and Burk’s Falls have been impacted.

Local officials say the flood-waters reached levels they haven’t seen since Hurricane Hazel in the 1950s.

The flooding also led to multiple road closures throughout Parry Sound District.

The disaster assistance program applies to a primary residence and its basic contents, or to a small business, farm or not-for-profit organization.

It provides assistance for emergency expenses and the costs to repair or replace essential property following a natural disaster that are not covered by insurance.

To find out if you are eligible for assistance or if you are in the activation area, and for the next steps, individuals, small businesses, farms, and not-for-profit organizations should review the map and program guidelines available online, or call 1-844-780-8925 or email after speaking with your private insurance provider.


Officials say residents have until September 11, 2019 to apply for assistance through the program.

The province is continuing to assess damage across parts of central, eastern and northeastern Ontario that have been impacted by flooding.