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About Us

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RadioWorkz Parry Sound is your local source of news and of what’s happening in the Parry Sound region.

Parry Sound and the surrounding community is becoming much more than one of the most popular and beautiful tourist destinations in Canada.

It is quickly growing into an influential economic and business force in Northern Ontario.

More and more industry and businesses are moving into the area, establishing the Parry Region as a premier manufacturing hub bringing in more investment, jobs. and in turn, more residential development.

Accurate and thoughtful reporting of news in the Parry Sound area is the primary goal of RadioWorkz Parry Sound founder and News Director Tom Mangos.

More importantly, being completely local ensures this website provides you the broadest and quickest reporting of events and news in the district.

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Combined with our sister YouTube channel Bee-Sides Radio, RadioWorkz is also developing into a multi-media platform that will be your best and most reliable online source for news, music, and entertainment.

We are still very new and there is a lot of development in the works for 2019.

Stay tuned and you’ll definitely like what you see!


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